We started 2017 off with a Great Gatsby Masquerade themed party at Sunset Station.  The evening’s festivities began with a dinner and then transitioned to a dance party and ended with an after party at Sam’s Burger Joint.  We decorated the dinner and dance party and then coordinated lighting for the after party.  It was indeed a grand evening full of elegance and fun!

Here is an overview of the dinner venue.  We coordinated the event lighting in addition to the centerpieces and decor.  


Since alcohol was not served at the event, we decorated the bar area which you will see at the far end of this picture.  


Here is a close up of the bar decor.  We lined the bar with a black boa and embellished with gold champagne bottles, white feathers, pearls, masks and candles.  

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The dining area also featured a personalized gobo created especially for this event. 


Next we will take a look at the table decor.  Each table had a centerpiece and masks for place settings.  

17 Since this event was for a date night, we had a pearl necklace and glittery mask for the ladies and a black simple mask for the gentlemen.

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Our centerpieces had several varieties of candle holder embellishments as well as votive holders.  You will notice the same basic design in all centerpieces but subtle variations in ribbons and trim. 






Another Gatsby inspired decoration included the table numbers which you will see in this photo.  


The head table had the most extravagant table decor.  From the sequinned table runner to the tall feathery centerpiece, this was our favorite!  


The vase was filled with loose pearls which hid a submersible purple-hued light.  

4 In the center of the vase we hung a crystal which reflected the purple lighting.  The full display of feathers and decorative mask added the perfect touch to the theme.  


Now we will take a look at the dance party venue.  Depot 1 at Sunset Station is a grand setting but the guests wanted more of an intimate feel so we added these string lights to the balcony.  


Our lighting vendor also placed purple uplighting on the columns.  The venue lighting transformed the space into a fantastic party setting.  


Since this event did not have any alcohol served, we decorated the bar similarly to the dinner venue with boas, pearls, champagne bottles, feathers and candles.  


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The party hostesses wanted a fun and festive backdrop for the band.  In this photo, you will notice the gold and black fringe curtain behind the band.  


Lastly, you will see the the personalized gobo displayed on the dance floor.  


We hope you enjoyed viewing photos of this grand event.  We had so much fun executing the Gatsby Masquerade vision!