One of our favorite events is this Under the Sea themed 1st birthday and housewarming party.  Bright colors, lots of illumination and whimsical designs make this party one to remember.


First, we will detail the outdoor table settings.  Since we were celebrating a darling little boy’s first birthday, we wanted to keep the color palate in shades of bright blues, greens, yellows and oranges.


As you can see, the seating area was in a yard that was not very shaded or well lit.  This was a bit of a challenge for us since the party went into the evening hours.  We needed to create centerpieces that illuminated in the evening so we created whimsical jellyfish out of paper lanterns.


Now we will take a closer look at the jellyfish centerpieces.   We wanted to create a bright and colorful setting for the party so we used the brightest color lanterns and linens available.


Since the party was outdoors, we needed to secure the base of the lantern with a weight.  We used cardboard boxes to cover the weights (which consisted of rocks in Ziploc bags).  We glued blue tissue paper to the box and added paper cutouts of fish to enhance the Under the Sea theme.

We used tulle, organza ribbon and curling ribbon for the tentacles.  We just adore the way they swayed in the breeze.



The day before the party we were asked to add two additional tables, chairs and centerpieces to the layout.  Since we did not have enough time to purchase and craft additional jellyfish, we used some of the kid area centerpieces.



Our arch was a great way to welcome the kids to their special area of the party.  At night, the arch lit up in several different colors which was very festive for the event.


Now we will take a look at the kid area.  Here is an alternate view of the arch looking at the seating area.  The kids had lots of fun activities like a bouncy house, Disney movie on a big screen, and a balloon artist.


We used the same colors as the adult area but in the kid area we used plastic tablecloths and smaller lanterns for centerpieces.


Here is a good side view of the centerpieces.  You can get a better view of the fish and whale tails.


The next few pictures have a closer view of the centerpieces in the kid area.  Here is our yellow fish centerpiece.  You may notice that we used blue tissue paper in the bucket to look like water.


Our orange crab was a lot of fun to create.  All of our centerpieces were double sided so that kids on both sides of the table could enjoy.


Here is the front view of our blue whale centerpiece.  The water spout is so fun and cute!



Our bright green frog centerpiece was also double sided.  In the background you can see the bouncy house as well.


We had a bar area set up with a signature cocktail in the corner of the party layout.  The signature drink had a tropical flavor to match the party theme.


Since this was also a housewarming party and guests would be touring the home, we wanted to ensure that no food or drinks would be brought into the home.  We worked with an Etsy shop to create and print this sign in the party theme.


The day before the party, our hostess mentioned that she wanted some decor for the interior of the home as well.  Since we didn’t have much time to plan or order materials, we came up with this decor idea.  We simply put crepe paper streamers along the stair railings to add a pop of color for the area.


We had a favor area set up for the kids as well.  We used blue bags with paper cut outs of fish in the party colors.  The contents of the bags included bubbles, beach ball and a bag of goldfish crackers.




Finally we will take a look at our dessert table display.  The wind was quite a challenge for our decorations and since the heat was also a factor, we waited to place the desserts so they would not melt.  The backdrop included a blue metallic eyelash fabric and tissue ball sea creatures (fish, seahorses and turtles).  The table skirt is a blue curly willow fabric and symbolic of the ocean.


This cake was a lot of fun to make, although very time consuming! All of the sea creatures are made out of fondant.


We also adore the way the top of this cake looks.  The dolphins appear to be jumping out of the cake – so cute!  Lots of bright colors as well as the whimsical seaweed shapes are just too fun!


These under the sea cupcakes featured white chocolate shells, buttercream crabs and fish, and a beach.  We found these fun boats at a home decor store that double as a perfect dessert shelf for our display.


The clam cookies were made from sugar cookies sandwiched with buttercream with an edible sugar pearl.



No dessert buffet would be complete without sugar cookies! Our client picked out the starfish cookies to match the theme.



The chocolate dipped pretzel sticks are a great combination of sweet and salty, especially with the addition of the goldfish.



Rice Krispy Treats dipped in blue coating chocolate with white chocolate shells and sea creatures.




Under the Sea themed dessert buffet completely assembled – notice the fun lights in the backdrop!













The shark watermelon is always a favorite with parents who want their kids to eat more fruit!


Here is a closer look at the cupcakes.  We love this adorable little crab!

Cake cutting time


Finally we will view the party areas in the evening so that you can view the areas with illumination.

Here is our dessert table and you will notice the led net lighting on the backdrop as well as the table skirt lights



In the below photo, you can see the sting lights that were used for jellyfish tentacles.


As the sun set, our centerpieces and arch lights got brighter.  It was a colorful evening!



You can see our smaller lantern centerpieces below.  The lantern lights added a nice ambiance to the table.


The next couple of pictures are a great overview of the party area at night.  In addition to the centerpiece and arch lighting, we also had our audio visual vendor add uplighting on the home.  27



This view is of the kid area at night.


And here we are with our awesome clients at the end of the evening.  It was a lovely evening and we are all smiles for another fantastic party!