This Rock Star Themed 4th Birthday Party was a lot of fun to create. The birthday boy’s mom wanted something with fun colors and a little glitz, while still staying with a theme for a little boy. We came up with this Rock Star Party and were able to theme the desserts, decorations, and party games to match.  The main colors were red, black and silver.

First, guests were greeted by a welcome banner that also had a dual purpose of blocking the upstairs area.  Red, black and silver balloons were also a festive addition to the welcome area along with a couple inflatable guitars.



The party room features were the dessert table, kid seating tables and activity stations.


The focal point of the dessert table was this two tier cake. The fondant stars shooting out of the sides added some fun movement.

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We also did cupcakes with fondant guitars and stars. To the left are our famous thumbprint cookies- always a hit with the moms!

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We made musical sugar cookies using stars and the guitar cookie cutters. At the top are cake pop microphones- we made with mini ice cream cones as the base with a cake ball set on top.




Below are some pictures so you can see the entire dessert table and the backdrop.   Our backdrop was a simple black bulletin paper embellished with paper cutouts of guitars and music notes/symbols.  The banner was also a fun addition to the decor.


The dessert table had two centerpieces that were created using our Silhouette machine.  You may also notice the plastic record base for the centerpiece – a great fit for our Rockstar Theme.


We set-up child sized tables and chairs for the kids to do activities and eat. When they first arrived we had stickers, markers, and crayons out so they could decorate their own guitar. This was a nice ice breaker with the kids and gave them something to do while we waited for all the guests to arrive so we could begin the party games.


We found plastic record party decorations and we customized them to fit the party for the activity stations.




We divided the kids up into two teams and played three different “rock star” games. Rock Star bean bag toss was one of these games. This was a good game because we had a very large age range in the party guests and this was something that everyone could play.



The second party game was Rock and Roll Bowling, again another great game for any age group.



We found black, silver and red foil stars which we hung from the ceiling along with disco ball Christmas ornaments to decorate the party room.  It really jazzed up the atmosphere.



38 39 Last but certainly not least (at least for the kids), were the favor bags.  We used simple red and black bags and decorated them with guitar cutouts crafted from our Silhouette machine.  The contents included an inflatable guitar, star sunglasses and a music note stamp.