This was the first birthday party we planned for one of our clients that has used us for several different events. It was a lot of fun to put together because she let us be very creative and basically have free reign to create a memorable party for her son. She just asked that it be basketball themed and to incorporate the colors blue and orange.

We adore this party entrance decor.  Simple and fun!  We stacked basketball themed lanterns over a mounted pvc pole.  There are string lights wrapped around the pole which we lit at night (sorry we don’t have pictures of it lit).  The look was completed with felt pennants welcoming guests to “ATM’s 10th birthday”.  (ATM is his initials and nickname by the way)


This was the food table that we later turned into an ice cream sundae bar. We had a lot of fun food for the boys.


Nachos with cheese dipping sauce are in the front. We also did orange gumballs, cheese puffs, boxes of popcorn, and gold fish.  The “10” blue balloons in the background were a great addition (just not cooperative for photos when a breeze came through)


This picture shows a few elements of the decor to include the basketball birthday banner, the “ATM” marquee lights and mini basketball goal, and a small glimpse of the two personalized centerpieces which we will take a closer look at later.




There is popcorn to the left, then crackers with orange cheese and black food coloring to make it look like a basketball, and nachos in the front.  The referee popcorn boxes and utensil cups were a nice compliment to the theme.


Here is a closer look at the centerpieces.  ATM’s mom gave us several pictures of him playing basketball throughout the years so we used them as well as created paper cutouts of personalized jerseys and a basketball for the centerpieces.  You can’t get much more personalized than that!



In the center is the basketball birthday cake.  You will also notice the mini basketball goal, ATM marquee and centerpieces in this picture.  Lots of team spirit in this picture!


We tried to think of fun orange food items for the boys to munch on throughout the party.  Basketball sugar cookies, gumballs, goldfish and cheese puffs were a natural fit.



For the party favors we did mini bottles of Gatorade with a thank you tag and basketball themed whistle.


We also did sugar cookie basketball favors


We had so much fun coming up with creative centerpieces.  Perhaps the most unique idea was to cut open basketballs as a base.  We put Styrofoam in the center and covered the interior with paper shreds for a festive look.  The pictures of the birthday boy in action as well as paper jersey cutouts and mini foam fingers added to the sporty feel of the decorations.  These were a hit!


18Since the last portion of the party was swimming, we decorated the pool area with balloons and basketball themed floats.  There are inflatable basketball beach balls as well as “#1” fingers.  Perfect for a sports themed pool party.
This was also the birthday boy’s grandmother’s birthday so we created a little area for her too. To stay in the theme we made pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese icing that were made to look like basketballs.  We created a picture centerpiece of ATM and his grandmother and made small floral arrangements using her favorite flower, the sunflower.
21 22 23 We did some food in the house for the adults. The deviled eggs were a big hit and were gone in seconds!

We also had a hummus and fresh vegetable plate to accommodate our gluten free guests.


The mini burgers with basketball buns were also a hit! We sprayed the brioche buns with orange food color spray and then painted the black lines with food coloring.