Our favorite little helper (and Stacy’s daughter) turned 2! We planned this bright sesame street party to match the bright bubbly personality of the birthday girl. It was so much fun to put together but the best part is when Ella came outside and saw the decorations and started screaming because she was so excited about all the colors and characters.

Guests were welcomed with this fun sign and balloons.  We thought it was a festive and inexpensive way to decorate the party entrance.


Don’t you just love these pops of color?  The main party area included a dessert table and seating for kids.


The left side of the party included the drink canopy.  


The front of the party included a backdrop and food table.  Let’s take a closer look at the details of this colorful party.  


Here is a view of the dessert table and backdrop.  The primary colors of the kids tables fit in perfectly with the theme.


A main focal point of our display was the tutu table skirt.  We are IN LOVE with the colors and the details.  Each character face was constructed from card stock and double stick mounting tape was used to adhere them.  Next you will see several closer views of the table skirt so you can see the details of the face cutouts all created on a Silhouette machine.  Can you name all the characters?  






Now we will take a look at the details of the dessert table.  We used fun props like colorful mini stools, wagons, hat boxes and plush stuffed characters to embellish this table.  


Oscar the Grouch Pudding Cups- chocolate pudding, oreos, gummy worms, and mini Oscar cookie faces.  We used a black sharpie marker to draw lines on silver cups so they looked like little trash cans.  



Mini Elmo Cupcakes – the marshmallow eyes not only looked adorable but tasted great with the chocolate cupcake too!


Sesame Street Sugar Cookies – The “2” monsters were some of our favorite ones!


Ernie’s Rubber Ducky Jello Cups- blue jello with marshmallow bubbles and plastic rubber ducks (we removed the mini rubber ducks after the pictures because they are a potential choking hazard).  The kids loved these!


“Bird Seed”- chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  You also get a closer look at the food labels in this photo. 


Counts Numbers- spritz cookies dipped in white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.  These were absolutely delicious!  We could have eaten all of them in one sitting.



Abby’s Fairy Wands- pretzel sticks dipped in purple chocolate and striped with pink chocolate with blue sprinkles


The birthday banner was another great added detail.  The characters and colors were perfect for the party! 


Isn’t this cake adorable?  From the spiral confetti to the character faces, this was the best centerpiece for our dessert table.  And we also purchased a Sesame Street personalized sign from Etsy to place over the cake.  

44It was so hot at the end of April that we had to keep the cake inside until it was time to blow out candles because we were afraid it would melt.  The below pictures will show the details of the cake. 

69 68


The birthday girl after she blew out her candles (and ate a few chocolate desserts)


Ella’s Food Table – we again just wanted to incorporate as much color as possible and what better way to do it then with balloons!  It was a little windy so we taped the balloons to the house in several places.  



The centerpiece of this table is the “Ella” name monsters.  We painted cardboard letters and used the Silhouette machine to cut the monster faces to make this fun display.  Also used feather embellishments for Abby and Big Bird.  


Fruit and Vegetable Platters – it doesn’t get much cuter than this for a healthy option!


Cookie Monster- blueberries and whipped cream with a black berry mouth


Big Bird- Pineapple, whipped cream, and bell pepper features


Oscar the Grouch- broccoli, ranch dressing, blueberry mouth, and bell pepper eye brows


Elmo- Strawberries, whipped cream, black berry mouth, clementine nose

7Ham and Cheese Crackers cut out in the shape of numbers.  It was adorable but not the best option for the sun as the cheese and ham melted quickly!

Other fun accents were the monsters we created from Styrofoam circles and feather boas.  The Silhouette machine came in handy once again for these monster faces.    

15Pigs in a Blanket

Truffle Deviled Eggs


Assorted Gold Fish


The birthday girl just loved her party and had a blast! 

63 62 The drink and favor ares is the next feature of this party.  We created the canopy with PVC pipe and a painted bed sheet on top.  We have white ruffle curtains in the back and colorful tissue fans to accent the display.  
2830“L is for Lemonade”  our favorite summer drink!  We included fresh strawberries and lemons in our delicious beverage.  

32We also had personalized water bottles and bubble favors for guests to enjoy.  The personalized labels are a great addition for our theme.  



34 Sugar cookie party favors brought to you today by the letter “E” and the number “2”.  The Sesame Street themed thank you tag is also a great addition to the party. 





Last but certainly not least, we will take a look at the photo backdrop.  This was a last minute addition as the original backdrop (blue paper with clouds which is same as dessert backdrop) was damaged by the windy weather.  We put together a frame and red curtain which still fit in well with the theme and looked great with the party decor.  










Our basket of props for the photo backdrop is always a ton of fun for everyone.  Anything from hats and boas to glasses and mustaches is right there for all to enjoy.


Other fun props we had were the “T-W-O” letters which we painted primary colors to match the theme.  


We purchased large letter blocks from Hobby Lobby and painted them to include with the backdrop.  Plush characters were propped on the blocks to tie in the Sesame Street theme.  

Thanks for looking at our Sesame Street themed birthday party pictures.  We hope you have enjoyed looking at them as much as we enjoyed creating this party!