When we met the hostess to discuss this party, she provided a few pictures of specific details she liked and we customized the entire party around those photos.  Burlap, pale pink, cream and galvanized accents are the foundation of the decor selections.  In addition, the parents of the birthday girls also wanted lady bugs to be incorporated into the decor so you will see them in both desserts and floral arrangements.

We had to battle a very windy day so the welcome sign and balloons were moved indoors as the back up plan.  We commissioned a very talented chalk board artist to create this sign.  The chalk board is lined with burlap and lace ribbon and fabric floral embellishments.


The dessert table was the center of attention in the home (well…other than the twins of course)  We were very true to the color scheme and used an ivory linen with burlap overlay as well as pale pink, cream, burlap and galvanized platters and accents.


Take a look at some tablescape photos and then we will look closer at the food and details.


For the food we did chicken salad croissant sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, and deviled eggs. You can also see the two smash cakes in the background.


In this picture you can see turkey and swiss cheese croissants, vanilla bean cupcakes, and lemon meringue tarts.


From this view you can see the red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing, an assorted cheese platter with crackers, chocolate dipped strawberries, and chicken salad croissants.


The floral arrangement was the centerpiece of the table.  Pink peonies, cream roses, white hydrangea and other fabulous flowers were used to create an elegant focal point.  And did you see the two lady bugs?  That’s to represent those adorable twins!


We used candle holders to prop up the twin’s initials for the dessert table and the hostess provided the “ONE” which we placed in the center under the floral arrangement.  It was a great added touch!




Each twin got her own smash cake




Chicken Salad Croissants


Turkey and Swiss Cheese Croissants


Curried Deviled Eggs


Assorted Cheese Platter


Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Lady Bug Decorations



Our drink canopy was also themed for the event in cream, pale pink and burlap.  You can’t tell from the photo but it was quite a windy day!


The pink ruffle curtain provided a lovely backdrop for the drink canopy and the burlap banner was also a great addition to the display.


We wanted to include some floral arrangements on the table and also wanted them to stand out so we used a white mini ladder as a centerpiece for the table.


It wouldn’t be a party in the South without Sweet Tea!  This mason jar dispenser was a great added touch to the theme.


Every water bottle had these adorable little labels that went well with the event’s color scheme.


There’s nothing like lemonade on a hot day so we just had to include it on the drink table.  We placed the dispenser on a serving platter with a burlap ribbon accent.


Since there wasn’t much shade in the hostess’ yard, they opted for a tent which was a great choice for the afternoon event.


We used tulle material to create a curtain look around the tent poles and added fabric flower accents to the gathered sections of the curtains.  We love the way this decor softened the appearance of the tent.


Every cocktail table was covered with a burlap cloth and we did tall bottles with flowers as centerpieces.  Each centerpiece included two lady bugs which represented the twins.






We crafted a birthday banner and attached it to the rear of the tent so all guests would see it.  This burlap and lace banner was hand painted to say “Happy Birthday” and included on the left side of the tent.


This burlap and lace banner was hand painted to say “Bella & Kennedy” and included on the right side of the tent.


We also decorated two high chairs for the girls to sit in while enjoying their smash cakes.  We covered the chairs in burlap and added some crochet lace to the top of the seat.  You may also notice the ribbons along the front of the chairs which are in the pale pink, burlap and cream colors of the party.