In lieu of a traditional quinceanera, the birthday girl wanted to have an Oscar worthy event.  For this event, we styled a dessert concessions table, centerpieces, red carpet walkway and outdoor decor.

Our dessert table was a great blend of sweet and salty with some fabulously themed decor.  Let’s check out the details.


We created this concessions banner that was placed over the dessert table.  Since the birthday girl wanted something elegant and sophisticated, we chose this retro styled font to complete the look.


At the center of the table, we placed a “15” marquee atop a cylinder vase filled with a black and gold boa.  On each side of the marquee we hand crafted a birthday display for our hostess which was anchored in a vase full of popcorn.  The candy display in the center of the table was also a popular selection of the guests.  Not only could they munch on these treats during the party, but they also could take it home as a favor to enjoy later.  The candy selection consisted of Hot Tamales, Skittles, Twizzlers, Sour Patch and Reese’s Pieces.


To compliment the candy we did small boxes of popcorn, chocolate dipped strawberries, and movie themed sugar cookies.


Instead of a cake, the birthday girl wanted cupcakes. We did red velvet and vanilla cake with raspberry icing and vanilla cake with buttercream icing and popcorn on top.




Movie themed sugar cookies



A side shot of the dessert table


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries with a silver glitter accent


We created several centerpieces for the movie theme.   This centerpiece used “film strip” to cover the round styrofoam base it also included a popcorn box with yellow tissue,  a “15” and director’s clapboard and plastic Oscar type trophy on the other side.


This photo shows the other side of the above centerpiece.  You may also notice the table linen.  We used a black linen topped with gold satin runner and rhinestone runner overlay.  It was both simple and elegant.


For the next centerpiece, we used a large plastic popcorn tub filled with yellow tissue paper and topped with gold and silver accents, a director’s clapboard and various hand crafted paper decor.


The outdoor area was also decorated with party decor.  The back deck was adorned with a banner and various stars hung from the pergola.


The banner was done in “Old Hollywood” style.  The retro design and font set the tone for a classic and elegant event.


The photos do not do this justice.  We hung various sized stars from the pergola area.  The sparkly embellishments were so shiny and looked great blowing in the breeze.


We also provided an outdoor seating area for guests to enjoy.  Since the yard was sloped, we had to strategically place the tables so they would be stable for guests.  We used the same linen and runner combinations as indoors but wanted to do “heavier” centerpieces for this area.  The fence area was adorned with movie themed decor to tie in the theme.


Below you will view our centerpieces.  We wanted to incorporate metallic, festive and Hollywood with a focus on the fact that it was a 15th birthday party.   Each centerpiece was atop a circular place mat and large metallic star in various color combinations of the party.





The fence was also embellished with themed decor.  Various signs, clapboards, movie reels and popcorn decorations along with metallic stars complimented the theme perfectly.


This popcorn decoration was crafted from a foam board, plastic table cloth, letter stickers and tissue paper (and a lot of hot glue).


We created this movie reel from a black tissue fan and paper cutout.


The hostess also wanted a place for guests to place birthday cards that was themed for the event.  We created this box to look like a movie camera by using paper, ribbon and a cardboard toilet paper roll – so crafty!


Since the guests would be arriving “Red Carpet Ready,” we wanted to provide a grand entrance fit for a movie star.  Of course we are talking about a red carpet entrance!  We created a crowd rope by using pvc pipe and styrofoam that was spray painted and connected by a red tissue paper rope we found on a party supply website.


The red carpet had gold metallic stars attached which said “Welcome to Isabella’s 15th Birthday Party” and for an extra pop we added white string lights to line the walkway.  The guests had so much fun “strutting their stuff” on the red carpet.  Paparazzi?  Yes, please!  We’re ready!


Last but certainly not least, we created a movie worthy backdrop.  We personally sewed the shiny red curtains and center silver sequined fabric for this backdrop.  It was a great match for the Hollywood movie theme.