This second birthday party was one of our favorite color schemes of the year. We used mint green, pink, and gold to create a tea party themed birthday. 12141081_395489983992057_1827614760606720709_o We loved the outdoor patio area and the wood backdrop for this party.  We used paper fans, doilies and gold letters to create a simple backdrop decoration with the birthday girl’s name. 12119928_395489903992065_4157365536244488846_o For table decor we used mint colored suitcases, a gold glitter “2”, tea cups and flowers and white picket fences to enhance the theme. 12091284_395489997325389_154716848677689922_o Pink and gold balloons on the table sides added the perfect color addition. 12068927_395489957325393_3848895283936426983_o Another favorite feature is the mint, pink and gold tissue paper garland we placed on the front of the table.  Paper lanterns at the front of the table were also a nice touch of color for the display. 12034199_395489943992061_7912246558084340717_o Here is a closer look at the sugar cookies.  Tea pots and cups with little delicate hearts – adorable! 12109858_395490007325388_8688695090894926131_o Below you will see our favorite creation – sugar cookies sandwiched with buttercream with fondant flowers on top.  Dainty perfection! 12068533_395490030658719_4858486130373135377_o Here is an overview of the party set up.  You will notice the children’s table as well as the adult table seating.   To the right you will see a “bubble station” we set up for the party attendees.  The kids had a blast with the bubble station. 12087096_395490330658689_2952403623874498472_o Here is a closer look at the ceiling decor – lace parasols and various paper and tissue lanterns hung at different heights were a great addition to the party. 12087081_395490210658701_5034048898909229824_o The adults were seated at a table with a mint runner and tea cup centerpieces. 12113349_395490090658713_2369920320153487978_o We had 2 types of centerpieces – one for the adults and another for the children’s table. The adult’s table had a teacup filled with fresh flowers and we also did the middle teacup with a photo of the birthday girl for an added personalized touch. 12138435_395490133992042_2952404995305488606_o 12113371_395490120658710_8177133455580993234_o Here is the centerpiece for the kid’s table.  We wanted to use a nonbreakable option that fit well with the theme. 12120002_395490150658707_4386074989414291357_o We LOVE these adorable favor bags that are perfect for the tea party theme!  We used doilies to add a dainty feel to the favor bags. 12113285_395490103992045_3674103910928557424_o We also coordinated some activities for the kids.  We had a bubble station, pin the tea cup on the saucer, ring toss and a tea party themed bean bag toss.  The kids had a great time playing these games. 12094772_395490260658696_6678154528146926895_o 12087791_395490230658699_361952580180691778_o We hope that you have enjoyed looking at the photos from our Tea Party!  We just love the color combinations and the delicateness of the decor and desserts.  This was certainly one of our favorites!