One of our favorite parties is the Hot Air Balloon themed 1st birthday we did in July 2015.  We previously did a blog on the desserts so this blog will focus on the décor.  From the bright colors to the delicious desserts, this party was so much fun to create and execute.  The theme was unique and the guests had a great time.  First, we will show you a few pictures of the venue overview.   We paired different shades of blue with yellow for the table décor.  We absolutely love the paper lanterns used for the hot air balloon centerpieces as they provided the perfect pop of color.  We carefully planned where each linen and lantern would be to provide the best variety. Zakariya3-7 Zakariya3-11 Zakariya3-7   Zakariya3-4   Zakariya36-3   Zakariya36 Now we’ll take a closer look at the centerpieces.  There are so many details to review!  We had to do a little trial and error to get the lanterns to be stable enough for a dinner table.  The wooden dowels were zip tied together in a special way and we also used a paper at the very top of the lantern to provide the needed stability. Zakariya35-8 Since the colors of the party were various shades of blue and yellow, we purchased several different patterned papers and added little balloon flags to decorate the paper lanterns. Zakariya35-7 The woven baskets gave the perfect feel for the hot air balloon centerpieces.  We visited every Michaels store in San Antonio for these baskets! Zakariya35-5 One of our favorite things to do is personalize parties with photos.  For these centerpieces, we used cardstock in the blue and yellow colors to accent the photos.  The basket handles provided a stable place to hang the photos so that the basket would still be seen. Zakariya32-4 Another creative décor element for the centerpieces is the “cloud” base of the basket created from pillow stuffing.  It added a touch of fun to the display. Zakariya34 The next feature of this party was the photo backdrop.  The various sizes and colors of balloons as well as clouds provided a great background for guests to take pictures.  We also used wicker baskets and helium balloons to create the hot air balloon feel for the sides of the backdrop.  Everyone had a great time with this photo booth. Zakariya Here is a close up of our helium hot air balloon baskets.  You will notice the same paper flags on the baskets as those on the centerpieces. Zakariya13-2 You can’t have a photo booth without the props!  Here is our party themed prop display complete with boas, glasses, lips, mustaches and hats. Zakariya12-3 We also used the baskets and helium balloon décor for the gift table to add some additional decorations to the party. Zakariya3-13 The fireplace mantle area is one of our favorites of the party.  We created a custom banner for the birthday boy and included two smaller paper lantern hot air balloons with photos in the center.  The party hosts also brought a large photo of the birthday boy that looked perfect in the display. Zakariya2-2 Here are the favor bags for the party guests.  We used different shades of blue paired with cloud and hot air balloon cutouts in the colors of the party.  Zakariya3-3                   

Now we will take a look at the dessert table area which was located on the stage of the auditorium.  To the left you will see a large hot air balloon which the younger kids posed in for photos. 11060169_376233705917685_4007925891991244087_n The party hosts wanted to capture the birthday boy’s milestones at his first birthday so we found this hot air balloon themed birthday stats which we customized for the party. Zakariya1-2-2You will notice the additional helium hot air balloon basket next to the birthday stats in this photo.   Our goal was to decorate the area with lots of color and to add some fun to the event. Zakariya1-2 The dessert table is our last décor feature for review.  Yes, we saved the best for last!  Our backdrop, which matches the photo backdrop, as well as the table décor provided a fun focal point of the party.   Zakariya11-12 First, let’s look at the banner.  Since the theme of the party was hot air balloons, we thought it would be cute to have the banner say “UP UP & AWAY”.  We also used the blue and yellow colors of the party along with cloud embellishments to tie in the theme to the backdrop. Zakariya1-3-2 The dessert table includes two paper lantern balloons with photos which were smaller than the table centerpieces but larger than the fireplace mantle lanterns.  Other fun features include antique globes, suitcases used for elevations and more of the paper flags for a table embellishment. Zakariya1-5 We hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos.  We certainly had a blast with this party!