Our first Inspired Occasions’ birthday party was Cowboy and Indian themed for a very special young man who turned 3. It was a beautiful fall day in October and took place on a farm in Floresville, Texas.

This photo shows the details of our backdrop.  We used a denim fabric for the center and a handkerchief fabric for the ends.  We sewed the birthday boy’s name in rope to the fabric with a lasso at the end to personalize the design and give that added cowboy touch.


 This is a great overview of the focal points of the party.  The left side of the photo is the Cowboy side which has the photo prop, handkerchief clothesline and campfire circle.  The right side of the photo is the Indian side with the photo prop, and teepee area. You will see our dessert table in the middle which was the center of the design. 


In this photo you can see a full view of the cowboy cut out we did which was a fun photo opportunity for the kids.  You will also notice a large stuffed horse which also provided another great photo opportunity for the party. 


Here is a photo of the Cowboy area with the campfire and cowboy dress up station.


Cowboy dress up activity- we had a selection of cowboy hats, plastic guns, badges, and mustaches for the kids to use to dress up like cowboys



 Here is the birthday boy enjoying a pony ride with his cowboy mustache.  There is a smile under the mustache!


 This little cowgirl enjoyed her pony ride as well.  Complete with her cowboy hat, badge and mustache – she is ready to rope some cattle!


We strung a clothesline between two of the trees and then hung alternating red and blue bandannas and cowboy hats to create an interesting backdrop. It was a great pop of color for the party.  We also placed cowboy hats in the design to enhance the theme.  The cowboy dress-up activity table in the foreground. 


Here is a close up of the bandannas and cowboy hats. 


 We created a campfire out of painted cardboard and firewood and put the Texas flags in a circle around the area.  It was also the area we used for gift opening later in the day.


 Here is a close up of the campfire which we constructed out of cardboard, paint and firewood. 


This photo shows another activity we had for the party – a boot piñata!  The kids had so much fun with the piñata and loved the Cowboy and Indian themed contents.   


Indian themed activity table where the kids could create their own Indian headband by coloring or placing stickers on a strip of paper and then attaching feathers. We then helped fit the band to the child’s head to create a custom Indian Headdress. 



The birthday boy’s mother handmade the two tepees that are on either end of the picture, strung across the tepees is a bright colored banner. In the center is the activity station for the kids to create their own Indian headdress. 



We made the triangles out of ribbon and construction paper.  Another great pop of color to add for this party!


 One of the party goers enjoying her Indian headdress in the teepee area. 



Stacy, of Inspired Occasions, testing out the Indian photo opportunity 



Snack Table- Popcorn and Pretzels.  Since it was too humid for the cake to be out all day, we placed a bucket of wildflowers in the center of the snack table until it was time for the cake cutting. 


Dessert and Snack Table, to the right a photo opportunity for the kids


  Snack Table- Feather Sugar Cookies and assorted snacks


Two Tiered Cake Themed Cow Boy and Indian (Cake was gluten free!)  The top layer was the Indian portion with the teepee and headdress and the bottom was the cowboy portion with the belt and buckle that included the birthday boy’s initial. 


1452384_173038852903839_580500459_n  The farm had these skulls on the property so we thought it was a great addition for the theme and placed them in front of the dessert table. 



Build Your Own Snack Box- Popcorn, Pretzels, and Crisps

960041_171599006381157_902495594_n Packaged Feather Sugar Cookies for the Giveaway and Cowboy and Indian Cake