We had so much fun designing and creating this sports themed party for a 50th birthday.  The party hosts wanted as many sports as possible incorporated into the party and even let us borrow some of their sports equipment for our creations.  One thing we love about parties is personalizing them and you will see photos of the host in all of our centerpiece creations.  Hope you enjoy looking at these photos! 

Dessert Table- Cupcakes, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Sugar Cookies, Cake (provided by client), and Football Sandwich Cookies


Dessert Table – we used a green tablecloth and masking tape to create a football field.  The number stickers were created with our Silhouette machine and the goalpost how-to blog can be found here https://inspiredoccasionssa.com/2015/03/12/football-goal-post-decor/ 



In the below photo you will notice that we incorporated the host’s name in the end zone for an added personal touch.  


Sport Ball Themed Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


Chocolate Football Sandwich Cookies filled with Vanilla Buttercream and Raspberry Buttercream


Tennis Ball and Basketball Cupcakes.  You will also notice that we used mini chalkboards for the dessert table labels and we even included extra chalk boards with diagrammed football plays on them to add to the theme.



Baseball and Soccer Ball Cupcakes


Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Vanilla Buttercream Filling


Sports Ball Cupcakes


Sports Ball Themed Sugar Cookie Favors with Maps and Directions to Clients’ House- were left with the front gate and given to guests as they arrived so they could use the directions to easily find the party location.



Chocolate Shortbread in the shape of footballs with vanilla buttercream filling


Soccer Ball and Baseball Sugar Cookies


Basketball and Tennis Ball Themed Sugar Cookies


Sports Ball Themed Sugar Cookies


Baseball and Soccer Ball Cupcakes and Football Sandwich Cookies


This centerpiece features one of the Host’s favorite sports – golf!  We used gel beads in a cylinder vase to have a floating appearance for the golf balls and the golf tees.  We also used photos of the host golfing.  This centerpiece was a hit!

This basketball themed centerpiece is constructed from a basketball net, basketball and whistles.  The “court” was comprised of a piece of wood and electrical tape.  Since this display was outside we put a candle in the vase for additional lighting. 
11074448_337481789792877_5027864042797096987_n The host let us use his badminton rackets for this next centerpiece.   
11071086_337481806459542_7203226466265145640_n We used vintage golf clubs that were tied together in twos and balanced them upside down to create a tee-pee.  The area below included a picket fence and patch of grass with a vase of golf tees and golf balls.  We also included a photo of the host glued to a golf tee to make the display personalized. 


This was a fun entrance decor display we used for the front of the house.  There are sports lanterns which we stacked on PVC pipe and used a string of lights in each for the illumination.  We referenced one of the host’s favorite sports (golf) by adding “Welcome to Hole 50” on the pennants for this 50th birthday party.  This photo was taken before the event – sorry we don’t have any from the party.  Since these were placed outside around the entrance door they provided just the right amount of attention for party goers.  

11058555_337482056459517_8446124558310805528_nSince many guests were going to be outside, we added sports balls to float in the pool.


The homeowners did not want any guests to place drinks on the window ledge so we included various photos of the host in simple black frames along with pom poms to incorporate the sports theme.


1601245_337481703126219_1626358023499626489_nThis soccer themed centerpiece was created from pvc pipe and a mesh bag.  We also included a green foam board for the soccer field and a mini ball and cone as well as a photo of the host.   


Here is our tennis themed centerpiece.  For this one we used tennis rackets, tennis balls, wrist bands and we created the tennis court out of foam and electrical tape.  


Our baseball themed centerpieces were a lot of fun to create with photos of the host and peanuts and crackerjacks!  The 2nd baseball centerpiece also includes a field constructed of felt and electrical tape.  

1380126_337481836459539_4800982311266984371_n 14688_337481719792884_5179328013785856686_nLast but certainly not least – the below photo is the backdrop for photos.  This backdrop has several photos of the host throughout his life and we attached them to bulletin paper in the shape of a “50”.  We had so much fun creating this backdrop!  On the right side of the backdrop you will see a centerpiece constructed from the host’s old hockey gear and on the left you will see the props guests used for the photos.  Let us know what you think of this party!