We created an “April Showers” themed baby shower for a mom-to-be.  The shower was in the month of April and the host of the shower was named April so it was the perfect choice for a theme! 

Here is one of our centerpieces created from diapers, a receiving blanket, a pacifier and a stork made of cardstock.   


Here is another centerpiece created from several diapers, a receiving blanket, baby hanger, hair bow and ribbon in the shape of a dress.


This centerpiece created to look like a hot air balloon was constructed from a box, dowels, diapers, a paper lantern which was painted and embellished with ribbon and cardstock hearts.  We also made bunny rabbits, ducks and elephants out of baby washcloths to place in the hot air balloon.  Sonogram photos of the baby were added to personalize the display.





The welcome table was the first thing everyone saw when they walked in.  We created a booklet filled with activities and fun facts for the attendees.  Here is an overview of the welcome table and the booklet.




Here are photos of just a few items in the booklet.  Guest had a lot of fun with these games.











 One feature of the welcome table consisted of several patterned papers in the shape of onsies.  Each attendee wrote advice and well wishes on the back of the onsies and we created a book for the mom-to-be as a keepsake.


 The next activity was a diaper raffle – the attendees that brought a package of diapers had their name entered for a drawing.


For this activity, they were asked to bring baby photos of themselves which we numbered and everyone guessed which photo belonged to which attendee.


The next area is a donation station for school supplies.  The mom-to-be is a teacher and guests were asked to bring a small donation for her class because her students are near and dear to her heart.  Don’t you just love the photo of her students?  Adorable!


The last activity (and perhaps the most fun) was the Baby Jeopardy game!  We had instructions for the game as well as an actual Jeopardy board constructed from poster board complete with envelops and questions for the host to use.  And of course there was a final Jeopardy question! 

 baby jeopardy

Here is a photo of the balloon “cloud” and pastel raindrops for the April Shower theme.  The hostess said that it made for a perfect photo backdrop!


This is an overview of the dessert table.  We used a light pink satin tablecloth for the base color and we also included photos of sonograms and the mom-to-be for added personalization.


The featured décor included a base of white picket fences and grass.  The main centerpiece was created from a lace parasol and pastel raindrops to match the balloon cloud raindrops.  You will also notice photos of the mom-to-be and sonograms to add to the personalization of the party.


The additional centerpieces also featured the white picket fences and grass and consisted of child sized rain boots and a pastel watering can with baby’s breath. 



11258000_356808411193548_4124410502376347658_nHere are additional photos of the dessert table and delicious treats served to guests.  Hope you have enjoyed viewing our creations!

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