This past weekend we got to design a Beach/Under the Sea themed party for a very special first birthday. The party took place at Morgan’s Wonderland, which was great for the children because they varied in age and there was something for everyone. There was a central pavilion for the guests to gather that we decorated to fit the theme. Below are some pictures of the party.

At one end of the pavilion we created a dessert/food table. To the left is the high chair decorated for the birthday boy. To the right is a blow up fish pool that held beverages.  Our design was focused on bright colors (blue, yellow and red primarily) and we also wanted it to be fun and appealing for the kids.


Close up of the dessert/food table.  The tablecloth is actually a shower curtain that gave the appearance of the waves in the ocean – perfect for our theme.


Close up of the decorated high chair.  The yellow and blue mat not only looked great with the décor but it also provided an easy to clean space for the birthday boy’s smash cake.


Birthday boy in his special chair


Blow up pool with beverages.  Everyone enjoyed the fun it brought to the party and after a very hot day in the park, we considered taking a dip in it after the drinks were cleared.  Too bad it wasn’t adult sized.



Centerpieces for the tables.  Each centerpiece was personalized with the birthday boy’s name.  We used different shades of blue tissue paper to resemble the ocean waves and included both under the sea and above water decorations.  We wanted to keep the colors bright and used bright placemats to have the centerpieces stand out more.  The kids especially enjoyed the google eyes on our sea creatures.







Watermelon carved into a shark.  This was the hit of the dessert table!


We also included some extra décor on the dessert table for the birthday boy.  These pails were filled with sand to tie in the theme.



Goody Bags – we used bright colored beach pails and filled them with small beach balls, little sand shovels, mini maracas, beach themed sugar cookies and bubbles. The favor tags were made from the same designs as the centerpieces.



Blue raspberry jello cups.  Everyone loved the graham cracker sand and cocktail umbrellas!
11225219_364587877082268_1833767030890580343_n Crab Croissants – one of the cutest parts of the dessert tables.  Love those eyes!
11074002_364587890415600_2464580307012725398_nBeach themed cupcakes.  Crabs, seashells and beaches – OH MY!


Pavilion Overview – you can get a good visual of the colors and overall view of the party from this photo.  11058636_364588113748911_8661744952589866743_n

Crab croissants, blueberry muffins, pouches for the babies, beach themed cupcakes11057840_364587807082275_8077025559584241626_nBeach themed cupcakes.  The fish cupcakes were a great addition to the selection.


1798566_364588267082229_4520472480777780824_nWe also had inflatables for the kids to play with which was a great idea to keep them occupied while the adults finished eating.