The most important thing about decorating for a Fiesta themed event is the colors.  Bright, vibrant colors are essential to make your party fabulous.  As you view our photos, you will notice lots of those beloved tissue flowers.  They are very easy and cheap to create and can really add a lot to the décor.  You can do multiple colors for each flower or you can do solid colors.  The size of the flower can be easily adjusted and we recommend using various sizes for your party decorations.  You will also see the serapes or Mexican style blankets used for the photo backdrop as well as a cover for the fireplace and table runners.  We loved this authentic and colorful addition to the party.  Since we live in San Antonio, we have a fabulous party store called Amol’s which we visited frequently to purchase the mini sumbreros, blankets, pinatas, dancing girl dolls, and maracas.  We also purchased items from Oriental Trading, Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  We hope you enjoy viewing our photos and hopefully you will get some great tips to put together your very own Fiesta or Cinco de Mayo party!

Let’s start with the entryway.  Here is an example of the medium sized flowers around the door frame.  We tied the flowers to a thick satin ribbon and then tacked the ribbon to the door frame to create this look.  We also used colored chalk markers to create a customized welcome sign for our party goers.  What a colorful entryway!

The dining room was the first thing guests saw as they walked into the home.  We first used colorful placemats for a table runner and then we tied the multicolored tissue flowers to the chandelier to add some festiveness to the room.

The backdrop for the ice cream sundae bar was the hit of the party.  We used a bulletin paper for the foundation and then hot glued paper fans to the paper at various elevations to give some depth to the design.  Lots of colorful containers were used for utensil holders and desserts.  Everyone loves a pop of color!

Those wonderful tissue flowers were placed around the house to add a touch of color and festivenss to every room.

The living room mantle is where gifts and donations were dropped off so we wanted this to have a festive look as well.


The outdoor area looks so festive with the plastic flags, set tables and centerpieces.

Here is our photo booth.  We used a serape as the main backdrop and then we made an outline with the large tissue flowers (using the same method as the entryway).  Another colorful sign and the props completed the look.

It’s all in the details – here are a few of our favorite details of this party.

Vases filled with leftover tissue scraps.  As I was creating the tissue flowers, I put all of the cuts scraps into a clear garbage can and then noticed how festive it looked so I decided to take those scraps and utilize them in vases and loved the way it looked!

Chalk board signs – love the bright colors from the chalk markers.

Centerpiece creations – we got creative with maracas, tissue flowers, colorful pails and store bought flags.

High chair décor – colorful ribbons and a cute sign made with the paper cutting machine was perfect for photos.