Planning a wedding can be fun but very overwhelming. I have been involved with planning numerous weddings in varying degrees of involvement from “full service” to “day of” and everything changes when it comes to planning your own wedding.  I got engaged in September and will be getting married this October. I actually find it easier to help someone realize their vision and make it become a reality, than to create my own dream wedding!

The biggest thing that I have learned through coordinating and observing other people’s weddings is the importance of the “day of” coordinator. This is definitely something that can seem like an amenity when planning your budget.  At the time it may be more appealing to have more expensive flowers or your dream dress, but in the end the money is always better spent on having someone facilitate your wedding day for you. I have seen brides try to do this themselves, or have a designated family member do it for them and I have yet to see it turn out successfully.  Your wedding day is a life event you want to enjoy and a dependable and organized coordinator will allow you to breathe easier and relax significantly more.

A good day of planner will be at your wedding from start to finish. They will have quality communication with the bride and groom to ensure everything is organized and executed appropriately. Coordinators will fulfill the couples’ vision by doing such things as putting out the last minute DIY touches, thinking quickly and making good decisions to avoid disasters, and if need be, the coordinators will call in favors across the city if something does not go according to plan (for example the rentals not showing up). They often direct the bridal party and vendors from behind the scenes to keep everyone to the timeline that the bride has created.   They also ensure that at the end of the night, everything that should be removed from the venue (pictures, guest book, toasting glasses, gifts, etc.) is packed up securely and stored appropriately for the bride and groom to take home.

The value of the “day of” coordinator is priceless. A quality coordinator will do everything in their abilities to make sure you have the perfect day.  

Written by:  Elise Broz