Want to take your football or sports party to the next level?  Here’s how you do it – by making a football goal post as a decoration.  This blog will give you the tips you need to give your décor a touchdown!














What you need:

I picked up all supplies from Home Depot and Hobby Lobby. First, I purchased the 10’ pvc pipe and the cutting tool to customize the goal post measurements. Each goal post had 3 pieces with a measurement of 22 inches each (one for the bottom as well as the two for the “arms” going up). The length of the pvc pipes that attach to the “T” are 10.5 inches each (2 total at the 10.5 measurement).

Here is a photo of the items after I cut them into the appropriate sizes listed above:  image1

The next thing I needed to do was use sand paper to remove the bar coding and writing on the pvc pipe and connectors. If you do not remove these before spray painting, the bar codes and writing will show through. I used the medium coarseness first to remove the writing and then polished it with the fine grade to get the finish smooth again. TIP: make sure you are in a well ventilated area for this step.


Once the writing is removed, I assembled the goal posts together and went outdoors to spray paint it yellow.  Here are photos of how to assemble.  The 22″ pieces connect to the 90 degree attachment and the 10.5 inch pieces connect to the “T” attachment.  NOTE:  I took these photos prior to sanding off the words and bar codes.  The last photo is of the bottom of the goal post.




image4image5I spray painted 2-3 coats using a fast-dry paint. You want to make sure you are outdoors and use the newspaper or garbage bags to protect the area from paint.


While that paint was drying, I painted the base wood green to match the color of “the field” (which for this party was a green table cloth).


After the goal posts and the wood base were completely dried, I then screwed the male connector portion of the goal posts into the flange to provide the support for the goal posts to stand.  Here is a picture of how it should be connected (I took this picture before I spray painted)


The next step is to use screws to fasten the flange to the piece of base wood. IMG_2579

After that was completed, I used a pocket knife to cut the foam insulator to fit over the bottom of the goal post. Each piece measured at 11 inches for the foam insulator. The insulator does fit over the male connector even though it may seem as though it will not at first. The adhesive is very strong on the foam insulator so be careful when removing the protective tape. It may help to have two people for this step to ensure that the foam is kept apart until you are ready for it to stick permanently. 


 Next I cut the orange fabric into strips – 2 inches tall and 8 inches long (2 of these per goal post). I used a spray adhesive to secure the fabric around the tops of the goal posts. Also make sure that the area is well ventilated while using the spray adhesive. IMG_2577


And there you have it – awesome goal posts that are ready for your football or sports party.  You will wow your guests!