Have you ever tried to make truffles at home? If so, you’ll know that it’s difficult for several reasons- dealing with chocolate, instructions that are difficult to follow, and not having the time. So what do you do? Many people just skip the do it yourself thing and go straight to the store! But before you head to the nearest chocolate store this Valentine‚Äôs Day and buy overpriced truffles that may not be exactly what you want, consider making them yourself. This post will tell you what you need to know to make the perfect truffle filling, and if you still want more information (like to learn how to make a truffle from start to finish) come to our Valentine Truffle Class on Saturday, February 8th to see a chef demo and get some hands on time! The perfect truffle begins with a good recipe and technique for the filling. The filling should be smooth, creamy, and soft but still firm enough to handle so that you are able to hand roll the truffles. The filling for truffles is called ganache and usually contains four ingredients: chocolate, cream, butter, and liquor or flavoring. The ratio of the chocolate to the cream is what determines the perfect consistency- too much cream and your filling is too soft to handle, too much chocolate and the filing is hard as a rock. When preparing the ganache it is important to pay careful attention to temperatures. First the cream must be boiled, once boiled pour the hot cream over the chocolate. It is necessary for the chocolate to be chopped (if not in chip form) and sometimes even helpful if the chocolate has been slightly melted in the microwave. Once the cream is poured over the chocolate, begin whisking to emulsify. Start with your whisk in the center of the bowl and keep stirring until the two ingredients are completely mixed together. The next step is to add the butter. It is important that your butter is at room temperature and is soft and pliable. Whisk the soft butter into the cream and chocolate mixture. Continue stirring until completely incorporated. Finally, add the liquor or flavoring. The ganache must be left to sit at room temperature overnight so that it can completely set. Now that you know how to make the perfect ganache you are ready to being your truffle making adventure. Just remember to use quality ingredients and pay carefully attention to the temperatures of the different ingredients! For more information on Inspired Occasions Valentine Truffle Class please click on the link below


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